Electrosurgical Generator


  • Pure Cut Mode-A consistent cutting effect at minimum power settings for improved patient safety.
  • Blend Mode-Optimum blend of cutting and coagulation withsuperior haemostasis.
  • COAG 1-Desiccation mode that provides haemostasis to tissue that is in contact with the active electrode. COAG 1 is designed to allow the active electrode to efficiently move through tissue for coagulation with dissection during surgery.
  • COAG 2-The COAG 2 mode delivers a more gradual onset of energy and may be preferred by surgeons desiring a more mild delivery of coagulation with desiccation.
  • Spray Mode-Superior fulguration of broad tissue areas.
  • Micro Bipolar-The Micro Bipolar setting is designed to keep the initial voltage low to prevent sparking while delivering a consistent delivery of power to provide a tissue effect designed for all standard bipolar applications
  • Macro Bipolar-The Macro Bipolar power setting is designed for bipolar cases requiring a more rapid onset of power and higher voltage power output (such as tubal ligations).
  • Built-in Current Monitor-Provides a visual indication of current flow.
  • Advance cutting effect mode- Advanced Cutting Effect mode is designed to provide a scalpel-like cutting effect for minimal thermal necrosis and reduced scarring.
  • Advance cutting effect mode- Advanced Cutting Effect mode is designed to provide a scalpel-like cutting effect for minimal thermal necrosis and reduced scarring.

Patient Pad


  • Reusable patient return electrodes eliminate the small disposable sticky return pads that can
  • No adhesives-eliminates adhesive related injuries.
  • Used with patient warming devices
  • Radiolucent and latex free.
  • Reusable up to 24 months
  • Environmentally friendly—reduces waste from packaging and devices
  • Requires no skin prep.
  • Compatible with major brands of electrosurgical generators.

Electrosurgical electrodes ,blades and pencils

Needle electrode

Electrosurgical pencil

Electrosurgical blade

Protective nose cone electrode.

Electrosurgical tip


  • Electrosurgical tips are insulated everywhere but the distal 3-5 mm of the electrode shaft with PTFE insulation that resists splitting in temperatures beyond 700° F, minimizing the likelihood of damage to surrounding tissue.
  • The tips have a pure PTFE coating that resists flaking at high temperatures unlike other tips that often utilize cheap polyurethane and other fillers in their PTFE coatings
  • The protective nose cone electrodes provide patient safety in procedures performed in moisture-rich areas and confined spaces by minimizing the risk of alternate site injuries
  • Protective nose cone reduces risk of inadvertent thermal burns caused by moisture-induced alternate current pathways
  • The nose minimizes chances of moisture wicking into the hand piece.
  • PTFE-coated tips save time by reducing eschar build-up.
  • The needle electrode has very precise fine tip allows for lower power settings which help to control thermal necrosis and damage to surrounding tissues
  • The blade glides through tissue and safely performs skin incisions with wound healing equivalent to a scalpel
  • Produces wound healing equivalent to a scalpel.
  • Smoother and straighter incisions without requiring tension.
  • Easier to create vertical skin edges for challenging incisions.
  • The electrosurgical pencil has ergonomic and lightweight design which is comfortable and minimizes fatigue.
  • Water resistant construction minimizes electrical shocks and inadvertent activations.
  • Cords are flexible and memory-free for easier handling of pencil

Laparoscopic electrode


  • Indicator Technology-The inner yellow “Indicator“ insulation technology alerts clinicians when nicks or holes in the outer insulation occur indicating it is time to discard and replace the electrode
  • High-tech PTFE coating –reduces eschar build up and easily wipes clean with a sterile sponge making procedures cleaner, faster and safer.
  • The stainless steel laparoscopic electrodes are available in five tip configurations including Spatula, Curved, L-Hook, J-Hook, and L-Wire.
  • The Indicator Shafts are sturdy and rigid, allowing direct tactile control of the tip, and mastery over tough fibrotic tissue and blunt dissection.
  • All-In-One Hand Control provides complete laparoscopic control at your fingertips: Irrigation, aspiration and electro surgery


Power Cart

Monopolar foot switch(3 meter cable)

Bipolar foot switch (3 meter cable)

Monopolar adapter