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Welcome To orb biotronics Pvt.Ltd

ORB Biotronics Pvt. Ltd is a premier medical device manufacturing and distribution company operating for nearly two decades throughout West Bengal and in the neighbouring states of India.The organization also has its international reach in Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan. Leveraging excellent customer service and existing business relationships, ORB Biotronics represents a select group of the eastern region’s top medical device supply companies.

featured products

CO2 Insufflator

  • Fully Automatic Electronic, digital CO2 Insufflator , 
  • Maximum Flow rate is 25/30/40/45 ltr /min.  
  • Digital Displays for Flow rate, Pressure, Volume of gas

LED Light Source

  • Universal light cable socket
  • Single High Power LED-LAMP
  • LAMP power-150W
  • Color temperature approx. 6000K
  • Light control from 2-100%
  • Lamp life 50,000h,

CCD Endo Camera

  • HD Telescope 0/30º, enlarged view, diameter 10/5 mm, length 310 mm, autoclave able, fiber optic light transmission incorporated.
  • High resolution and exceptional 

Laparoscopy Hand Instruments Set

  • Veress Needle with stopcock and Luer – Lock – Connection, 
  • Trocar / Cannula Size–11mm
  • Trocar / Cannula, Size–5.5mm
  •  Reducer sleeve

Why ORB Biotronics?

Performance, expertise and trust are at the core of our business. Through a combined 25 years of experience, we’ve built valuable relationships with key opinion leaders, which has led us to become both experts in the field and extremely knowledgeable of the regulatory landscape in India. A family-owned and operated company, we’re proud to say we are on solid financial standing, have a positive credit history and an unmatched payable record. Our distribution network is secure, professional and thoroughly vetted. To further reinforce our industry position, we are ISO compliant and are certified/licensed by the State of West Bengal to distribute pharmaceuticals………..

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